John Robinson Memorial

"Who has had the biggest impact on your life? "
    Such was the thought-provoking topic among a fall 2000 gathering of ol' friends. They remembered family of course, then teachers and community leaders; each listing from their own experiences. But this group of 1966 Lone Oak High graduates, most attending LOHS from the 1st grade, quickly found a common thread. Someone that most LOHS students of their day took for granted just because he was always there, in control, often feared, but always respected, someone that everyone called "Mr. Robinson." Stories flowed and the reminiscing became an idea that something should be done to honor this leader who had so impacted all their lives and their alma mater.
    Soon the idea spread to other classmates and classes from the Robinson years. Everyone remembered the impact John Robinson had on LOHS and its students through some of the most formative years of their lives and of the school. The idea became a plan for honoring Lone Oak High School's former Principal of 21 years and a dream of continuing his career long focus on students by establishing an ongoing endowment fund to provide scholarships for graduating LOHS seniors.
    That's how it began. Now, after years of hard work, through the contributions and dedication of thousands of LOHS alumni, staff and friends from the Robinson years and beyond, that dream is a reality. This site is dedicated to the memory of John E Robinson; his contribution to Lone Oak High School; and to the scholarship fund that carries his charity to the next generation.

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